Friday, August 1, 2008

Pirates use napkins.

Because they haven't done laundry in a while. So they can't use their pants, or their shirts. And they packed their bandanas. Bandannas?

The Mormon was calling me, "Pollyanna."

Plural.'Cause I'm with PIRATE CRISTOPHE!

"It wanders." [referring to the mind, remind me to tell you, dear netarwebs, how to get hear from there.]

"Come on. Make me blush. I don't even think you can. Only the RedFeather tribe can. And they have to work at it."
"I know how to make you disgusted."
"Don't do that while I'm hungover and eating breakfast burrito."

"I would call [name redacted] but I don't think she's done having sex yet."
"It's 10 a.m."

"This shit will fuck you up."

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