Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Blame the Patriarchy always makes my day...

"The big push to relocate Spinster HQ to points west has begun in earnest. I’m swamped already, but apparently there is a hurricane tearing through the Gulf of Mexico with Texas’ name on it, which really puts a hitch in my gitalong. Everyone in Austin is in a panic. The local news makes sure of that.

“Evacuate! Or stock up on beer and diesel generators!” they warn, genuflecting woodenly before swirling computer graphics with terrifying red centers. “It’s a Level 42 Megacane!”"


"Meanwhile, Stingray’s out in Napa lurking in some wine cellar, and she’s got a wine cellar blog. It’s got great photos of incomprehensible winemaking equipage, as well as of the porta-potties that dot Napa’s picturesque vinyards like the plastic turquoise flowers of spring. Before she biffed out there and began reporting back about the full-blown sexism, classism, and racism attending viticultural culture, I used to think that wineries were pleasant, sun-drenched agrarian paradises. Now I realize that I will have to give up oenophilia on principle and start brewing my own feminist hooch in the bathtub." Find this and more right here; bound to tickle your feminist rage/anger and/or your funny bone.

I totally have feminist hooch brewing in my cupboard in mason jars, but not the bathtub. And it's a cordial, so it's even legal. (Bathtub has too much utility for washing dishes.)

The banking institution has decided since I updated my ID with the correct address (first time since 2005) before leaving Indiana and it's not yet 60 days old, and the fact that I don't have bills from St. Louis utility companies arriving at my place of residence (last utility bills from my prior utility companies don't count) I AM A TERRORIST AND NOT DESERVING OF A BANK ACCOUNT. I'm going to go consult the greater credit unions of STL/Missouri and chat with them about the situation.

In other news, blogger Brett Mason mailed me a carte postale from his cross-country voyage with his dad. He's been vlogging the journey on facebook, and I'm past-due to catch up. It's so nice to receive snail mail though, many thanks sent his way, and with luck I'll get my next batch of art-carte-postales out soon too.


Lisa said...

Gateway Community CU is a good one with insanely good Plans. I have accounts there still they are good people

Lina Kirkwood said...

Oooh! Gateway Community CU. Thanks for the recc.