Monday, September 15, 2008

nervous laughter. a show open now. on cherokee somewhere in the historic district.

today i told a gallery owner that my partner, when he drinks, talks about ART which is awesome.

and i told him i knew his name because A. talked about him when he was DRUNK and doesn't remember telling me so.

he told me to tell A. to continue getting drunk and talking about him.

IT IS AN EXCELLENT GALLERY PHD - phillip ______ designs. it's on Cherokee too! There's a show now, being curated by a Leslie, and Leslie? she does Hello Guernica. Hello Dejeuner II. Hello ...Kitty everywhere, in classic art. Also? the show is called NERVOUS LAUGHTER.

sings modest mouse, "i am trying to drink away the part of the day that i cannot sleep away" and he sings it in polar opposites from the album lonesome crowded west and i have that whole album memorized. thank you, guy vallance, for all of my bad habits. you taught me as only a british son on an american artist could. also, would send you a postcard if you'd give me your address.

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