Wednesday, September 24, 2008

a pilgrim's progress

Yesterday I found an Arab or Persian (I'm sorry, I didn't ask, and they were speaking mostly English and I couldn't tell from the packaging) bakery/grocery that has fresh flatbread, similar to pita -- apparently it is called bati bread? According to the neighbor. They are in rounds the size of large dinner plates and are pocked with fork marks, but gently yeast raised. Also, homemade locally made fresh yogurt spread/edible. This shop is all of four blocks from me. The bati bread was still warm.

I also filled out exhaustive numbers of applications, and applied for a number of freelance writing gigs. Today I deliver the apps, dressed in my classy best. There's an upscale Indian restaurant in CWE looking for bartenders, and they encouraged applicants to just drop in, so I may.


Yesterday was too productive; I burned out at 9h30 and had to go to bed. It was pathetic.

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