Saturday, October 18, 2008

The sexual distraction of cheese crumbs...

Another fantastic quote from Bonk, a book about sex research by science writer Mary Roach, this time about the effects of distraction on female sexual arousal (from p251):

A thousand images can play on a woman's mind: work, kids, problems with Ultrasuede. One nonpharmaceutical solution is to teach women to redirect their focus and pay more attention to physical sensations - a practice called mindfulness.


If it's any solace, even female rats have trouble focusing. I give you a sentence, my favourite sentence in the entire oeuvre of Alfred Kinsey, from Sexual Behaviour in the Human Female: "Cheese crumbs spread in front of a copulating pair of rats may distract the female, but not the male".

Friday, October 17, 2008

This pirate does not want to see McCain as her president.

Here's an eloquently written reason why:

"McCain states that he would deal with the issue of abortion with “courage and compassion.” I quote: “the courage of a pregnant mother to bring her child into the world and the compassion of civil society to meet her needs and those of her newborn baby.” As if terminating my pregnancy would be the easy way out, the way not requiring his precious “courage.” As if dictating my medical care based upon his religious beliefs is compassionate. And I find it interesting to note that his “compassion” for this newborn does not extend to guaranteeing it health insurance."

Read this. Read it now.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Utility I can haz it.

This post about feminist co-habitation from a frequent haunt of mine (feministing) has a lot of excellent pointers about living with other people.

I recommend everyone check them out; the comments are ripe with great material about better communication and division of labor, something I've been suffering through this past month and change.
"And the epitome of foolish is you and your shotgun vs. a platoon of marines with 21st century weapons and a scorching case of PTSD."

pulled from a comments thread on boingboing -- not my usual space on the net, but this comments thread is quite interesting.

QUICK! Buy your water filtration devices and shotguns. The apocalypse is now! (prz to see this iz a funnee, not a srsly.)

A scorching case of PTSDnice. Tres nice.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I declare this won at 8:34 by Senator Obama.

He did just say, "High on the hog."

Unfair burden share -- a hatchet versus a scalpel. Nice! Your technique, Obama, is impeccable.

Obama 8:31

A call to service. Tackling problems outside of government. He's showing his community organizer roots. Obama is pushing his energy policy harder than I've heard before.

Grassroots action! Incentives for saving energy. Nom nom nom.

There's no bias here, obviously. Really, he makes it too easy.

"The young people of America are interested in how they can serve." -- Obama, 8:32

8:29 McCain

He is so shifty that even Spot the cattle dog is twitching his eyebrows and looking confused.

Obama, taking the question and my heart by the horns.

8:25 Obama go!

Immediate action in energy. Our goal should be in 10 years time to be free of dependence on Middle Eastern oil. Sexy. Timelinez. Oh, how we like them.

Health care is priority number two.

Education is priority number three.

Addressing McCain's nasty slurs. McCain's trying to leverage his earmarks policy. It's not flying.

"Prioritizing our spending side and our tax policies."

Wow. I needed more coffee before starting this.

I want to ask him how he plans to deal with nuclear waste. Eh? Eh? Scientists haven't figured that one out yet.

If you make more nuclear plants, where do you put the refuse? In your back yard, Mr. McCain?!

McCain 8:23

"I know how to fix this." Well, if you know, you're not articulating it at all. Tell us what is stuck in your brain pan.

1) Health care
2) Energy
3) Social security reform

How does he order this? AVOIDING THE QUESTION is not acceptable.

McCain 8:21 "I'm a consistent reformer."

No. No. No. Kitten interference on keyboard. She's giving kisses. She's nose bumping. She obviously finds McCain as uncompelling as I do.

He's going through vagaries. What reforms? How will you keep people in jobs? VAGARIES.

8:19 Obama's solution

Health care to be reformed to help budget.

"We are mortaging our children's future."

College affordability, energy reform. He does speak my talking points.

"Priorities that are working for you." Nicely put.

8:18 New question. How do we trust you with our money?

Obama, come now, work it!

"There's a lot of blame to go around." Now he's talking history. Bush's legacy of surplus to debt. Delicious.

"It depends on what we do" 8:17

Bad answer! Wrong answer! Mr. McCain

Cronyism. Special interests in Washington. He's working his MAVERICK angle.

McCain digs himself into a hole

8:13 : box farm fail and collapse. cat rescue. now to Obama!

8:14 : OBAMA TYME! Correcting Senator McCain's history, har har har. Dirty slurs, McCain is a de-regulator! Slinging, slinging.

"You're not interested in hearing politicians pointing fingers."

"This is the beginning of the process ... working with home owners..."

Next question! 8:12

8:12 : The bailout. It's a rescue, McCain says. Oh, talking about campaign suspension. Oooh he said CRONIES. Obama's cronies are in charge of the problem!

Oh, Obama...

8:11 : Reaching for the middle class. He's so fluid and so compelling. I'm almost drooling on my keyboard.

McCain 8:10

8:10 : We need someone we can trust? I don't see how McCain is gaining my trust here.

8:09 McCain

8:09 : McCain isn't offering me any concrete solutions. The treasury is buying all the mortgages? How will this even be administered or done? This sounds like a clusterfuck.

He also had a passing reference to abandoning energy dependence, but didn't say how he planned to do it.

He knows how to restore our economy? NO ONE KNOWS THIS.

McCain 8:08

8:08 : "The heart of America's worries tonight" ... McCain has a plan! I ... am terrified. Low taxes. Not raising taxes. How the fuck is this a solution?

Live blogging 8:06

8:06 : Oversight! Obama has such a sexy rhetoric. A rescue package for the middle class -- that's for me. Hooray.

Live blogging the Presidential Debates

In part because Pirate Meric is stuck in class, I present my first (of likely many) live blogging experiment/experience.

8:03: Obama disses on Bush economic policy. I can kick back and start to enjoy this.