Friday, October 17, 2008

This pirate does not want to see McCain as her president.

Here's an eloquently written reason why:

"McCain states that he would deal with the issue of abortion with “courage and compassion.” I quote: “the courage of a pregnant mother to bring her child into the world and the compassion of civil society to meet her needs and those of her newborn baby.” As if terminating my pregnancy would be the easy way out, the way not requiring his precious “courage.” As if dictating my medical care based upon his religious beliefs is compassionate. And I find it interesting to note that his “compassion” for this newborn does not extend to guaranteeing it health insurance."

Read this. Read it now.

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Mainsheet Meric said...

Don't worry, the issue of abortion is like the issue of gun control. Neither will ever change because there's too many people who would riot in the streets, continue it illegally, etc. It's just a wedge issue to get sucker votes.