Saturday, November 8, 2008

Victorious Baking!

I'm doing trials for some baked items I'll be making in a professional capacity. Yesterday I made homemade half-whole-wheat focaccia with sage, two flat rounds, and also pistachio-chocolate chip biscotti. The focaccia was great yesterday -- fresh and soft and wonderful, but this morning it's a little lackluster. It's rather dry. I think I need to look into making it with more olive oil or possibly some ground flax seed to increase the moisture content I'm not adverse to baking it fresh every day, but I'd like to have it have a 2-day shelf life, since it's going to be pannini grilled anyway. I do want to keep it vegan, and to continue making it with at least half-whole-grain. I might make a white-flour batch next time too. Either way, fresh bread homemade is just damned satisfying. I was dragging mine through olive oil and balsamic.

The biscotti were perfect though; the recipe only made one log, and I sliced them a little too thick, but they have received rave reviews. The fact that there are almost none left speaks well enough; my room mate and Mainsheet Meric were devouring them. Biscotti are on my new list of stoooopidly easy baked goods -- I just need to start baking everything because so much is shockingly easy -- why did I ever let anyone else make this for me/why do I pay x amount for this. They're also made without butter, which is nice since dairy products are increasingly expensive. I'm not sure if that makes them healthy, but even these weren't too sugary, the flavor was all in the nuts and chocolate. I want to dip the next batch half in melted chocolate.

As soon as I get the camera operational, there will be pictures, and also, recipes!

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