Thursday, December 4, 2008

I volunteered for this...

I'm cooking a vegetable dish. For forty people. To be served tonight at 7 p.m. -- I don't know if there will be ways to reheat it, ways to keep it warm, or how it will survive the 45-minute-plus drive out to the meeting. EEEEK!

Right now I'm plotting to wash, peel, and oven-roast a boatload of butternut squash, then chunk it up and simmer it in a curry sauce. Most of the people eating will be die-hard carnivores, and the vegetable dish is just a gesture toward the fact that not everyone will want to eat meat and potatoes. I may also make mushroom curry for me to eat, because if I'm making squash for forty people, I'll be damned if that's all I'm eating for dinner. There's bound to be a stray vegetarian/vegan or two, right?

To Soulard Market!

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