Sunday, November 29, 2009

First World Problems.

1) Amtrack return ticket for the Sunday following the Thanksgiving weekend.
2) Unscrutinized ticket leads to *surprise* moment when realization of 5-hour layover is achieved.
3) Especially since Union Station is crawling with travelers. Lots of cranky travelers, quarantined like cattle, or refugees.
4) And the Amtrack lounges are off-limits unless you're five minutes prior to departure.
5) The station chairs are all full. So are the walls, and most of the floor.
6) Plus that forty pounds of baggage you're carrying around when you realize this.
7) Add on that you snacked and had coffee on the train, but by the time it arrives you're a) ravenous and b)under-caffeinated.
8) It's raining in Chicago.
9) You've arm warmers but no mittens, and your scarf evaporated the previous evening. Regrettably, no alcohol was involved.
10) You're nursing the tail end of a hangover, and just want somewhere warm, to eat, with the internet, for free. Happy to pay for the food/drink, it's just that the internet should be free.
11) You should be able to do e-mail on your handy new holiday present smart phone. But instead, after three hours spent in the Sprint Store yesterday, they still didn't fix your phone, which thinks it is corporate and has no interest in talking to GMail.
12) Every single nice-looking local-ish cafe is closed for the holiday weekend, or closed b/c it isn't M-F, 9-5.
13) The only food option looks like McDonald's or more McDonald's
14) The internet, or twitter, or facebook, of gmail could fix any of these first world problems.


I am going to roast the balls of some Sprint employee's management team. RAAAAAR!

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