Monday, November 30, 2009

Oh my.

Can't pin down the chain-restaurant-food cravings you're enduring? Let this handy guide help you. A quick shout out to Brett, from whom this was yanked.


LexBrett said...

Wow, I was able to contribute to your blog! That makes me feel good.

By the way, I found that flowchart by browsing, and some of the comments posted on that item at Reddit are pretty amusing:

Lina Kirkwood said...

Excellent, I do <3 me some delicious comments.

Yeah, I was reading it on the sofa and it was too true and making my room mate laugh, and it needed to be promulgated (to my admittedly small blog audience).

A break from the feminist politics and rage about politics-as-usual that I usually experience on the webternetz.

I've also been direly needing laughter in my life, so this is fuzzy and perfect.