Friday, December 11, 2009

Hey, it's that holiday thing again...

I haven't made a yule log in, oh, ten years. This obviously means that I need to make it for a party where there will be many witnesses in case I commit massive, cake-wrecks-worthy failure. Right now I'm planning on trying the recipe in Catten Cakes and Lace: A Calendar of Feasts by Julia Jones and Barbara Deer. Home-made chocolate frosting will be requisite, as will be little meringue mushrooms. Possibly fondant or marzipan greenery too.

In the interim, I need dessert for a dinner-party tonight. Based on the preferences of the other guests and the tart cherries in my fridge, I think it'll be a clafoutis. The catch? My copy of Global Gourmet is far from me. As in, packed in a box in Cincinnati in a basement? Maybe? I know there are other perfectly acceptable clafoutis recipes, and I know it's not a rocket science dessert. However, I've made that recipe, so I *know* it works and is delicious and again: experimentation when attempting to impress = made of fail.

Over at la tartine gourmande ( she's explained clafoutis so beautifully, I would prefer to direct you to her. The emphasis on ripe, delicious cherries leads me to think that I've already changed my mind.

I do have local, delicious, no-spray apples though, and surely enough, there's an apple and hazelnut clafoutis recipe which is 1) more seasonally appropriate and 2) likely to taste equally good with pecans, of which I have a surplus. I think I've accidentally found a new favorite food blogger! Oh boy!


I'll report back to you all later tonight or tomorrow morning -- this bodes well for the delicious!

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Lina Kirkwood said...

Could one of you tech folks leave me the html for coding links? The html that blogger is giving me as a default no longer works (same for LJ, actually). I'm happy to code it myself, I'd just like to get the spoon-fed version of the one piece of html I need.

Pretty please?