Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pirate Relocation Crew

So, excellent pirate news:

There are two new jobs that pay both in perks and in green hard cash. They are in a field both draining but fulfilling, and they're both for good management. I hope to continue to work at both through all of 2010 if not longer. I hope to make a reasonably lucrative living from both to stick with them, as well.

There is a brand new pirate-ship-dry-dock in an excellently tall building with southern exposure. I am excited both for new piratical neighbors of high quality and mad skills, as well as for slipper commuting during times of insomnia. Also, the neighbors equal an outlet for compulsive cooking while living alone.

There is a shiny new foster-pup named Kahn Zeus. As in Kahn of the Great Mongrel Horde. Must credit Massa Aelered le Verrier du Saint Tobain for that one, since the Mongrel Horde being managed by Zeus is his. When I left the dogs were playing tug of war. adorable He is a Husky/German Shepherd mix, 6 months of age, and smart as a tack. He's already learned 20 words in 5 languages, hooray for linguistic experiments. We're going to take epic walks in Forest Park and it will be for the win!

Yes, of course, since you asked. He already knows that "Hold" means "freeze right there mister!". He also knows that "Grok" means "stop and think about it, fool."

I also have an official position working for the Barony of Three Rivers, the Baron Ravz and the Baroness Kajsa, in the Kingdom of Calontir in the Knowne World. I am coordinating Site-Dinner for the barony and I look forward to coordinating with gusto. Hooray!

By tonight my toothbrush will live in my own damn bathroom, comma honey. I love and honor the four or more toothbrushes that are strewn across the city in varying places, proximitous to sofas-of-no-obligation but I look forward to my own nest and my own things, all in their spaces and places.

A shout-out to the households who have hosted me during this time of stress and trial, you all know who you are and I appreciate you so hard and will cook you many wonderful foods.

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HalFink said...

Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them. ....................................................