Thursday, April 22, 2010

in my dreams I'm dying all the time

Hey, good news! Scheduling a flight/Amtrack epic event (okay, so a small 2-4 day excursion) to SLC to pick up my car. I am putting ducks in rows here in STL so I can go and be a good auntie to impending baby creature/monster arriving in SLC.


May 1: Leaving candy on doorsteps, knocking, and running away screaming. Still fun after 20 years.

[first Thursday in May] Somewhere in here is b3r site dinner. HEY, who's coordinating that for me? If I'm allowed, I'll cook you all vegan sausages and you'll cry. It's true. I've seen it. How to make a Calontiri fighter sob: soysausage. Bwahahahahahaha. With a side of tofu salad. And moar seaweed. *wicked cackles* I'll feed you nori, and you'll like it, gorramit.

May 8: First Tower Grove Farmer's Market. Play Where's Waldo. See if you can find me there.

May 14/15/mumble: Epic win! My lil sis is gradumataing and I am SO DAMN PROUD that I'm caravanning to btown to ensure that she has an awesomesauce partay. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! [You can tell I'm excited, I can't spell anymore. And I devolved in LOLgrammar]

Saturdays in May: Farmer's Markets in Tower Grove make my heart sing. Wow, I love them so.

Thursdays starting in maybe June: Downtown farmer's market: play Where's Waldo again.

In June, there's this thing? in Kansas? named Lillies? Apparently I'll be there too. Encampment still under negotiations -- who's offering better booze in exchange for my epic vegan camping kibble and awesome sauce barista/babysitter/camp counselor/firebuilder/northshield/canadian skillz? Although, admittedly, there is one encampment with a tiny monster that holds a number of compulsions for me. Oh, tiny monsters. I do <3 you so hard. She's my favorite frakking marmot in the barony.

[Trust me, Where's the Landlocked Pirate is almost as much fun as the game Schrodinger's Underpants.]

So, it's time for another epic Landlocked Piracy summer. If you want to book a nibble [and careful, the War Kittens are out for my soul] [and I apparently have a legal and binding contract regarding a shoulder-mount, backpack portable water balloon siege weapon that I have to have for the defense of Northshield's neighboring shire out in the boondocks on the Serengeti at Pennsic] don't hesitate to write/telegraph/postcard/postsekrit/message-in-a-bottle me.

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