Monday, June 28, 2010

excellent. pilgrim's progress continues.

I still have 670 new e-mails of the 1,000+ from the 20-days at/recovering from Lilies War. Please continue to be patient with me, I am responding as quickly as humanly possible.

I am still boxing, scrubbing, cleaning, moving, and striving not to unpack anything and failing. I now have zero dollars, some pocket change, and way too much need for an industrial-strength vacuum.

The hatred I have for this convent and its violations of the laws of thermodynamics knows no bounds. In four hours, the allotted time will have expired. I declared Friday that ere the fine city of Saint Louis failed to net me paying work by 9 a.m. Monday, I would begin the process of moving south to NOLA or north to OMAHA.

Now the craigslisting begins in earnest. I have no actual cash-money or W-2 jobs, in spite of a week of schmoozing, cruising, dropping apps and hoping/praying. Fuck this shit. Fuck this city (or not, rather). I am exhausted, I am impoverished, and I am applying for government assistance like a paper-work-monster.

Dear US Government: I paid all my taxes, even when I made little-to-no-money ever, at all. I dream of a day where in a calendar year I net more than $10,000 - $14,000. I made/had more money as a professional student. Now I'd like to benefit from the pseudo-Socialism that upsets the main-line Republican party so much. Thanks you!

In good news, all this industrial-strength cycling is adding definition to my thighs. Awesomesauce! My core muscles are improved, as are biceps and forearms. When I grow up, I will be an epic fencer for my kingdom. DRACO INVICTUS!

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