Saturday, June 26, 2010

This was going to be articulate...

Instead, in short-form:

Lilies War outside of KC in the kingdom of Calontir was amazing. I had no internet from Tuesday June 10th until yesterday at 5 p.m. Thank you to #phoenix who made the netartubez run on the laptop of exploding doom yesterday evening.

I love Henri's, rainbows, mud puddles, and new friends.

I hate that every pair of shoes I own is now growing its own mold farm.

I am moving. RIGHT NOW. So if you have a basement/truck/strong arms/willingness to do an act of service for a pirate, she promises handsome rewards. In the form of brownies and awesome, mostly. Looking for pirate booty? Helping Pasqualina di Bisclavret move/get a ride to Crystal Chamfron over the river/re-auth in rapier/not kill people has rewards.

The latter's not a joke; I've been good for the first 26 years, 6 months, and 28-odd days of my life this far, what with the constant moving, boxes, bullshit, lonliness, library books, guilt, shame, neuroses. If you choose to cross me/slow me down/criticize me (like my father/family/teachers) then I will throw things at you. They could be water balloons. It could be napalm.

Please don't find out the hard way.

This PSA brought to you by #tiggerears #woootstlPRIDE !

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