Friday, August 27, 2010

Pensive Pirate is Pensive.

I'm enjoying sound pirate labor in the fine Central West End neighborhood, pouring drinks and serving fishes, among other delicious foods. I'm deepening my love-hate relationship with the Vitamix and turning out delicious smoothies. They are better with rum, I assure you.

As always, I'm seeking more work, because a pirate loves nothing more than in the off-season, while wintering, to build up the pirate-stash of doubloons. Have to finance summer raiding somehow, yes?

I'm likely to take an excursion to Wentzville's Pirate Fest, coming up here in September, to drink cider and rum in the sunshine and tell too many jokes about ARRRRgyle socks.

Wonderful Things About Pennsic XXXIX:

1) Roasted whole goats, served with date sauce, in good company.
2) The 10th Anniversary party hosted by Iron Lance for Piers and Jules (spelling surely botched, entirely my own). There was a 25-lb snapping turtle delivered to the bar as a present, and shots of rum poured off the boar's head for Pennsic virgins.
3) There was epic dancing around many a camp fire, and the kindling and care of darling hookahs.
4) I filked Ani diFranco for the SCA. I'll post the lyrics once they've been tweaked, and will likely torment your ears with my rendition of it sometime in person soon. "Life in the SCA ain't easy, but the folk on the outside don't know..."
5) I learned a variant of "Nay, no never" to use in sharpening my SCAdian geography. My thanks to Baroness Lianette of the East for singing it to me.
6) The Canadians had brought a solar-powered 2-keg-large refrigeration unit. Amazing! Shared baked brie in their encampment, and heard some wonderful songs.
7) Work for the Pillaged Village was grueling but rewarding; I still have dreams/nightmares of checking in and pricing belly dance gear.
8) My tent is dead. Long live the tent!


Artsdeco said...
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kateris said...

For whatever reasons, I read this & thought you would appreciate it. How are you, and where have you been??

That redheaded one said...

you have went poof we are starting to get worried and munchkin toddler boy is so HUGE you won't hardly recognize him (well except he looks like a perfect mesh of Mike and I) we miss you and the tea and coffee and talking. Love and miss you. Planning to do a foodie 50 A&S project this year. Anyway Miss you!